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An atlas subluxation complex (ASC) occurs when the top bone in your neck, also known as the atlas, misaligns and causes nervous system dysfunction. This condition limits the ability of your brain to communicate with your body and visa-versa.

An ASC is often caused by a physical trauma such as a car accident, contact sports, slips & falls, the birthing process etc. It may take from weeks, months to years for symptoms to manifest.

Once an ASC is created, a stress response occurs. Your muscles will spasm and become tender, while your spinal bones lock up. Just like a plant with a broken stem, your nervous system becomes choked. This interferes with the ability of your brain to control and regulate your body processes.

Some health issues that may manifest from an ASC are but not limited to:

Your brain and nervous system control every cell, tissue and organ within your body. It is essential that this communication is undisturbed so optimal health can be achieved.

Only a chiropractic examination can detect an ASC, and only a precise chiropractic adjustment can reduce their effect to your nervous system.

Find out if you have ASC before the neurological damage becomes irreversible.

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